StarCraft II betting and sites


Although SC2 for 3 years, it still remains one of the most popular computer games and, especially, in Asia, extremely popular. Therefore, it is not a big surprise that all bookmakers offer bids for the largest SC2 tournaments (they all offer winning bets)

Bookmakers and betting sites for StarCraft II

All four of our bookmakers (Pinnalce Sports, esport bets bet-at-home, and Bet365) offer rates for leagues and tournaments SC II. As far as we know, no other website offering bids for SC II has a valid license for bets, and therefore they were not considered in our bookmakers’ review.

When reviewing bookmakers SC II, we checked the following criteria:

Do they offer bonuses and incentives?

Do they have a valid license to receive bets

How good are the proposed coefficients

Are there enough options for depositing and withdrawing money?

Do they have available customer support?

While the rates for e-sports leave young Pinnacle Sports and Bet365 are some of the largest sites for betting on the Internet. While egamingbets focuses on e-sports, betting the only Bet365, and Pinnacle Sports offers lines and odds for all “regular” sports. While Bet365 hides the Starcraft 2 betting program too well in its menu, Pinnacle Sports has built an eSports hub where you can view all the current Starcraft 2 leagues on which the betting website has lines.

While Pinnacle Sports has the best chances for most matches of SC2, Bet365, and esport bets, they receive complimentary bonuses and special promotions for their players. More details about this you can find in our section of the review of rates.

How does Starcraft 2 play?

The bid rates for the WCS link button

Special rates for the link button WCS

Starcraft II is an RTS game, and anyone who knows the basic mechanics of RTS games should have a good understanding of the basics of SC II. The goal of the game is to destroy the enemy base, consisting of various key buildings and units.

The basic elements of Starcraft II include the creation of your base – in the first place. You start each match by slowly evolving, building substantial buildings and introducing units of resource collection into the game. Your resources are important to your progress, so you should always have healthy content.

After you have created your base, you can think of attacking your enemy, destroying its resources or setting a full attack. To do this, you need to train combat units. Combat units have a huge variety. All of them differ in terms of damage, protection, and each unit has different goals. Most units resist certain enemy units, so you should have a clear strategy against your opponent. Naturally, they can be upgraded over time.

Finally, the key characteristic of Starcraft II is that most of your units have special abilities. That’s why the entrance barrier to the game is high enough, and the skill ceiling is massive. Micro-management of your small army requires a high game speed and a lot of practice to maximize their effectiveness.