Overwatch betting sites

Date Event Player 1 1 Player 2 2
23 Feb
Overwatch, OWL Houston Outlaws 2.80 Hangzhou Spark 1.38

The most popular gambling sites offer bets on several titles. These websites often use different ways of betting, including fantasy and betting.

Betting on eSports allows you to choose specific players. Your winnings depend on how well they play during the games. Although you choose a fantasy team, meaning a team that does not really exist, the winnings are based on real results. Currently, fantasy bets for Overwatch are not enough. Nevertheless, many large services, such as Vulcan, hint at its introduction.

The bet is currently the most popular betting format for Overwatch. This usually happens with real money on sites like William Hill. Bettors place the selected amount of money in the team they expect to win. The coefficients are determined on the basis of the total amount of money placed in each team within this service rates.