LOL betting odds

League of Legends is the leading game in the esports style for quitting smoking, and that’s why bookmakers do not just offer rates for LCS, but for most world tournaments and leagues. All betting sites are offered bets on the winning team (for winning or betting in the usual mode), which will be known to most people who have already placed bets on general sports such as football. In addition to the winning stakes, for many matches (especially for LCS matches) there are chances of a special LoL in such gaming achievements as “First Blood”, “Baron Nashor” or “Pentakill”, which makes bets on eSports even more interesting. In addition, most bookmakers have chances for betting on handicap during playoffs or knockout stages that play in the best 3 or the best 5 series.

LoL Betting Sites Reviews

At the moment, 5 online bookmakers offer real-money bets for League of Legends and Leagues tournaments: Bet365, Pinnalce Sports, Bet at Home, William Hill, and Betway. In addition, there are several sites that do not have a valid license for online games. In our opinion, a valid wager license is mandatory, so we did not consider these bookmakers. You can learn more about 5 League of Legends bookmakers in our review.

We reviewed bookmakers offering rates for LoL by the following criteria:

License for betting

Bonuses and Promotions

Proposed odds for LoL and league tournaments

Options for replenishment and withdrawal

Support service

While Pinnacle Sports, Bet365 and Bet-at-Home are well known in the world of online sports betting, egamingbets are just a couple of years ago, dedicated only to e-sports. All the other 3 betting sites have many other sports and other games. Pinnacle Sports and egamingbets offer special bets for certain Legend League matches, such as Handicap. For major tournaments such as the World Championship LoL, egamingbets and Pinnacle Sports bet on special in-game events such as First Turret or First Blood. Bet365, egamingbets, and Bet-at-Home with bonus bonuses for new customers.

Review of bookmakers

Winning bet (all 5)

Bets on the handicap (Pinnacle, Bet365)

Winner of the league / tournament (all 5)

Special Rates (Pinnacle Sports, Bet365, William Hill)

Live betting (Pinnacle Sports, Bet365 for selected LCS and LCK matches)

League of Legends offers a variety of game modes that require a different winning strategy. First of all, you can decide which card you want to play. At the moment you can choose one of two permanent maps:

The Summoning Rift (5 vs. 5)

Howling Abyss (5 vs. 5, ARAM mode)

The most common mode is 5 Summoners Rift, which also hosts matches the championship series LoL Championship (LCS) and most other tournaments. Short cards and game modes are available during the year, such as Poro King, Dominion, Hexakill or URF (Ultra Rapid Fire).

Each card can be played with/against bots or random players. In addition, you have the opportunity to invite your friends to play in your team.

During special events, such as Allstars, the mode 1 is played against 1.

Betting sites «Heroes of the Storm»

You can bet on eSports e-sports at Pinnacle Sports, Bet-at-home, Bet365 and EGB.

Tips for LoL betting

Things that should be taken into consideration when betting on a HotS match include certain types of Hero matches. If one team is purely assassin-types, it instantly finds itself at a disadvantage against a more balanced team. Some teams will launch pre-conceived pocket strategies, with lists consisting of a large number of a certain type of hero, and their strategy will be played out based on this. If you can find out which teams are ahead of their competitors with these niche strategies, this can give you an advantage when betting on Heroes of the Storm. This is especially useful when live betting is available in the Best of 3 or even Best of 5 formats.

Another potentially advantageous advantage when betting on HotS is that in fact there are many unique layouts of cards that are played. Each of the cards has a unique goal, the result of which is some kind of NPC or its own advantage, when the team finishes the number of necessary “goals” in this game. Some commands may be better on a certain map than others, while other teams may dominate on another card. If you can find out who has an advantage on which card, then you can use this knowledge to gain an advantage in the market of Heroes of the Storm!