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Date Event Player 1 1 Player 2 2
28 Feb
Dota 2, joinDOTA League Season 15 Asia DeToNator 1.62 Team Admiral 2.15
28 Feb
Dota 2, joinDOTA League Season 15 Asia HighGround 3.47 Neon Esports 1.26
01 Mar
Dota 2, ESL One Mumbai 2019 India Qualifier Signify 1.2 Reckoning eSports 4.03
01 Mar
Dota 2, ESL One Mumbai 2019 India Qualifier LXG Esports 2.41 ROG TiTans 1.5

It is an active discipline in e-sports, where the number of players and fans grows faster and faster, and together with them, the prize funds of competitions grow. Competitions are watching quite a lot of people, we can assume that even more than football.

Dota 2 cannot be called a simple game, both for oral understanding and for practise. But, that’s why it is so addictive and attracts the people. It unites like-minded people because it is a team game. As a rule, it involves two teams of five people. Each team has a personal database, which is marked on the map. All participants control one of the heroes, and each hero has unique and special abilities. The victory belongs to the team that managed to destroy the main building of the opponent.

Like the previous version of Dota, the new Dota 2 is an e-sports discipline, through which many tournaments have been held and held to this day. The largest international tournaments are the series of The international, organized by the developer of this entertainment, the company Valve. It is this game that stands out among the rest of its prize fund, for example, in 2016 it exceeded $ 20,000,000. However, do not forget about the popularity of such a phenomenon as betting on CS CS, considering how popular this discipline is. If you like this game, we advise you to test the rates on CS GO Lounge, which we liked with their convenience and simplicity.

A game of this scale and such popularity simply can not leave the attention of fans of rates.

To understand how to make predictions for Dota 2, first, you need to register on the site of the bookmaker company. When choosing a company, you should pay attention to the coefficient that is offered for a certain tournament. There are, most popular, two types of bets: single and express. In the first case, the multiplied amount that a person makes is assumed to be a specified coefficient. The essence of the express combines into one whole several events at the same time, and the same coefficient is multiplied for each individual tournament.

Types of bets on the Dota 2 matches

In the first case, the forecast for real money is suitable for those people who are sufficiently experienced and knowledgeable in this field. They perfectly understand the meaning of the game and all sorts of details related to the teams. Such fans know how to look to the future and anticipate a possible final.

With such experience and serious enthusiasm, it is quite realistic to get a win with real money and soon make it your main income. The volume of the bet does not matter, it can be scanty. There are valid websites that accept forecasts of 1 ruble.

In the second case, bets on things are carried out due to the fact that, instead of money expose, so-called, gambling belongings. As a result, a person takes away the gear of an opponent who lost. This option of betting makes sense if the player for a personal piggy bank does not have those items that are available in the presence of an opponent. This way of forecasting is perfect for beginners because if they lose, they lose not material values. It also helps to understand better how to best bet on eSports, to analyze teams, to anticipate the finale and many more important details of the game.

All disciplines that relate to e-sports are divided into classes, and they, in turn, have special properties (spaces, models, match tasks and even the development of gaming skills in cyber sportsmen). Dota 2 belongs to the class of command role-playing game with tactical and strategic elements. Games match broadcast online, and not for nothing because the audience reaches a million. There is an opinion that in 2017 the audience of viewers, approximately, will reach 385 million fans from all over the world!